It Looked Different On The Model

I have a confession to make. I adore Laurie Notaro. She is freakin’ hilarious. I have read all her other non-fiction works and I love them. She writes about her life – and makes it hysterical. A lot of the time, she reminds me of myself. Which is probably why I find her so funny.

In her latest collection, she talks about getting stuck in a shirt while trying it on, having plants stolen from her front yard, taking her nephew on vacation, and her ‘issues” with what happens when she takes Ambien. Each story is relatively short. But all are really funny.

My favorite story dealt with her husband’s pillow. He came to bed one night and found chocolate stars on his pillow. He accused her of ambien eating in bed and getting chocolate on his pillow. Laurie doesn’t find any wrappers by the bed ( a tell-tale sign she’s been ambien eating) and there’s no chocolate in the house. She cannot figure it out. When it happens the next night, her husband gets mad and accuses her of eating in bed on purpose. She swears it is not her and goes through the whole chocolate search again. Then, she gets lucky. She sees her geriatric cat one night, up on the bed. It sits down on his pillow and gets up…..and leaves behind a chocolate star. She tells her husband and hilarity ensues.

I think one of the reasons I love that story and this book so much is that it reminds me of Mike and me. She is a bit neurotic, a bit messy, a bit chubby, and a lot human. I love reading her stories because she isn’t afraid to write about abject humiliation and the humorous things that happen to her.  If you have not read any of Laurie Notaro’s books, I highly recommend them. They are just funny. And sometimes, all you need is funny


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