The Lincoln Lawyer

I will start with a caveat (or two): I have not seen the movie and generally, the movie is never as good as the book. Though the latter isn’t usually true, most of the time, it is. Anyway, I got this book because I have read Michael Connelly’s other series.

I have a certain prejudice about lawyer books. I work in the law. So I get really annoyed when things are not portrayed accurately. Fortunately for me, Michael Connelly did his research. The book is about Michael Haller (Mickey) a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. He gets a case from a very rich client, what he calls a franchise. The client swear he’s innocent and Mickey believes him.

Not giving too much away, the case takes him all kinds of places. Mickey is suspected of another crime and there are ties to other clients and other cases. Not only is the book accurate from a legal standpoint, it’s entertaining.

I enjoyed getting to know Mickey and his two ex-wives – one a prosecutor and the other his office manager. Michael Connelly writes mysteries the way I like them – with sufficient detail to put you there, and with enough left out so you can use your imagination.

This book certainly isn’t literary fiction, but it’s a fun ride and a good read. If you’re looking for entertainment, this book will fit the bill.

I just have to figure out whether I want to see the movie or leave well enough alone.


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