I was listening to Books on the Nightstand a couple of weeks ago and Anne mentioned the book she couldn’t wait for us to read was Ghostman by Roger Hobbs. It sounded interested. So, at the end of a very long and very emotionally difficult week, my lovely husband suggested that we had some extra money and if I liked, I could go buy a book. Fast forward half and hour. I’m standing in my local Barnes and Noble. I have a copy of Ghostman and a copy of Beautiful Ruins (another book recommended on BOTNS). Normally, I would have bought both. But after a text to my lovely husband, I had to choose. So I chose Ghostman. Ironic because two days later at book club, the pick was Beautiful Ruins. I got home and started the book. I was done three days later.

The plot revolves around “Jack Delton”. He’s a ghostman. His job is to help people disappear after they pull a heist. He gets a call one day from a former jugmarker (the person who plans heists). Jack screwed up a job for the guy and so now he owes him a favor. He has to take care of another heist gone wrong at a casino in Atlantic City.  “Jack” gets on a plane to Atlantic City and trouble ensues in the form of an FBI agent on his tail, a potential leak, and the jugmarker’s arch enemy finding “Jack” and trying to kill him. The book also contains flashback chapters that explain how Jack ended up with the jugmarker and how the heist went wrong.

That is about all I’m going to say about the plot. The book is a wild roller coaster ride. I loved every page. The author obviously did his research into the criminal element. The book has elements of a great spy novel, a great con, and a great crime thriller. I’m sure there are technical things wrong with the book, but I didn’t notice them. I was too caught up in the plot twists and turns and wondering how “Jack” was going to defeat each challenge he faced. Each one seemed insurmountable.

If you like thrillers, I high recommend this thrill ride of a novel.



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