The Divorce Papers

Last year, I read “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” and discovered the epistolary novel. A novel told with letters, emails, text messages, memos, etc. The Divorce Papers is an epistolary novel about a divorce. So the papers are emails, memos, cases, legal pleadings and letters. I loved this book. So much that I was considering picking it for book club. Alas, I picked something else. But, I still love this book.

Sophie Diehl is a criminal attorney is a smallish New England firm. She is roped into handing the divorce of Mia and Daniel Durkheim. He’s a pediatric oncologist and she’s from old money. Sophie represents Mia. Mia and Daniel have one daughter, Jane.

The book follows the divorce proceedings from first client meeting through dissolution. Since I work in the law, I wasn’t put-off by the legal terminology, pleadings and cases. There are only two or three cases and very few pleadings. Some codes as well. But those documents serve as an education to the reader about the various rules that are to be followed. To me, they did not distract from the story, they enhanced it.

Even though the book is told through letters, emails, memos, etc., the author still manages to develop the characters quite well and tell a really good story. I was really captured early on and read the book quickly.

Overall, I really liked this book and I hope other people find it and like it as well.


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