A Case Of Redemption

I found Adam Mitzner by accident. I was looking for legal thrillers and found him and I’m glad I did.

A Case of Redemption is the story of Daniel Sorensen. He was a high-powered defense lawyer and partner at a prestigious New York law firm. He had just won a trial in which the Super Bowl MVP was acquitted of rape charges. He was on top of the legal world. Two days later, his wife and young daughter are killed by a drunk driver. He spirals into alcohol and depression.

At a party he didn’t want to go to, he meet another lawyer and after a conversation he doesn’t remember, she shows up at his house stating that he agreed to take on the defense of up-and-coming rapper, Legally Dead, who is accused of beating his pop star girlfriend to death with a baseball bat. Oh, and he has a song that says that’s what he going to do.

Daniel undertakes the defense of L.D. (which he prefers to be called) and starts to learn secrets about everyone involved. He meets the record label owner who signed both L.D. and his girlfriend. He learns that things are not necessarily as they seem with anyone.

The case gets Daniel to stop drinking, start running again, and to believe in his client. Just as you think things are going one direction, there’s a curve. And another. And another.

I honestly did not want to put this book down. I wanted to know how everything worked out. At least three times, I said, “What the hell?” as I was reading. The turns the plot took, I did not see coming. It made the book that much more enjoyable.

The plot is tightly wound and the characters are pretty well developed. There is not a ton of courtroom action or legal procedure so the book will appeal to those who may not be interested in the legal “stuff”. It’s just a good thriller.


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