13 Hours

This book pissed me off. It pissed me off because this government let four good men die who didn’t need to die. This book is about the attack on the consulate at Benghazi, Libya. It is told from the perspective of the security contractors who were hired by the CIA to help protect its agents when they were out in the city or meeting with people outside the agency or the consulate.

Despite what Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama told the public, this attack was a pre-planned military-style attack. It was not a group of random protesters who were upset about a video on YouTube about Islam. A random mob doesn’t attack with rocket propelled grenades.

Politics aside, this is a well-told story. You feel like you know each of the contractors personally by the end of the book. And it makes it that much harder to accept they are dead.

These guys believed in their country and all of them were former military. They fought hard to make sure that they were protecting their charges the best they can. The consulate was attacked and set on fire. There were numerous calls to the contractors for help. The CIA boss would not allow them to go for over an hour after the attack and then the contractors went on their own. They managed to evacuate the consulate staff and locate the body of a State Department staffer who died in the fire. They regouped at the CIA compound and then it was attacked. They fought the attackers off with little help. They were killed by rocket-propelled grenades.

The kicker is that this was all preventable. Several times, the consulate asked the State Department to upgrade security. Several times, there were denied. The book does an excellent job of telling the real story of what happened in Benghazi.





































































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