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The Last Punisher

Kevin Lacz “Dauber”, to his SEAL buddies, writes about the battle for Ramadi in Iraq. It was the height of the insurgency. He joined the Navy after 9/11. He had decided he wanted to be a SEAL and was assigned to Team Three with Chris Kyle, who by then was already known as The Legend. The Last Punisher is one of the best war books I have ever read. Mostly because it is different from most war books I have ever read.

Kevin Lacz came back from war and went to college. He is a physician’s assistant after being a medic with Seal Team Three. He is married and has kids and has moved forward with his life after war. The reason I think this book is different is because there is a focus on vets, who, for whatever reason, cannot move on from the war. He honestly writes that the war is with him. He mourns the lives lost, including that of Kyle, who was shot by a veteran Kyle was trying to work with. Lacz appeared in and helped advise on the movie “American Sniper”.

The book is a quick and engrossing read. Kevin Lacz shows what war is, the bond that is made between brother soldiers, and the difference between the soldier bond and any other human bond that forms. Lacz makes the statement in his book that some men are born to be soldiers. After reading this book, I agree with him. Some people have the ability to turn that aggression on and off as needed. Some don’t. The ones who do come home and lead successful lives. Those who don’t, have emotional problems and trouble adjusting to civilian life. This is why there are so few SEALs. It takes a special person to do that job.

If you are interested in a really good war story and a really good humanization of our soldiers who served in a war we pretended didn’t exist, read this book. It was really, really good.

I won this book from Goodreads and did not receive any other compensation for my review. The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone.

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