Law professor Adam Benforado writes an unforgettable, conversational book about the criminal justice system. His basic proposition is that the criminal justice system, even if it operated as intended, will always result in innocent people being convicted and injustices would still occur. Benforado argues that there needs to be an overhaul of the entire system.

The only things I really remember from studying criminal law in law school (other than some of the landmark Supreme Court decisions) is how difficult the system is. This book does a good job of stating how difficult the criminal justice system is and how hard it is to find fairness in an inherently unfair system.

The book delves into some difficult territory and provides an explanation about how much of what is happening today is actually happening. I breezed through this book. It has a conversational tone and Benforado does a good job of breaking complicated issues into things you can understand. If you have any interest in or are concerned about the criminal justice system in this country, this book is definitely a must read.


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