Timothy Snyder writes a short, accessible book that EVERYONE should read. Right now. He takes lessons from tyranny in the 20th century and tells us how to avoid it here. Which, if you do not believe we are on that road, you have not been paying attention.

I loved this book because it was full really important concepts, but was written in an very accessible way. Mr. Snyder backs up his assertions with examples – from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, mostly. He does use some other examples. But he takes each point and tells a story or uses an example to illustrate his point.

If I were teaching political science right now, I would assign this book and it would remain in my curriculum until I stopped teaching. It’s that important. It is short – just over 100 pages, but I cannot again state how important this book is given the current political climate.

I will leave you with this reminder – well-meaning people who do nothing are as complicit as those who participate.

I received this book from Blogging for Books and received no other compensation for my review. The opinions expressed herein – while important – are mine and mine alone.


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