Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed comes from a commencement speech at the University of Texas in 2014 given by retired Admiral William McRaven. McRaven was a Navy SeAL and was in charge of JSOC when they killed Osama bin Laden. McRaven used the speech to discuss ten lessons he learned being a Navy SeAL. This short book is an expansion of those ideas. And I will say that it’s going to be my go-to graduation present for years to come.

The lessons in this book are common sense. But they are also needed in today’s “safe space world”. As he plainly says, “It’s easy to blame your lot in life on some outside force, to stop trying because you believe fate is against you. It is easy to think where you were raised, how your parents treated you, or what school you went to is all that determines your future. Nothing could be further than the truth. The common people and the great men and women are all defined by how they deal with life’s unfairness.” His advice? Don’t complain. Just do.

Another lesson? Failure teaches you. It’s not always a bad thing to fail. If you live in fear of failure and embarrassment you will never reach your potential. If you are courageous, nothing will stand in your way. And for me, the most important lesson – stand up to bullies. He says, “Bullies thrive on fear and intimidation. Bullies gain their strength through the faint and weak of heart.” Words that we should definitely heed in today’s climate of hatred and intimidation.

I loved this book. It succinctly states what everyone should do – be strong, don’t fear failure, stand up to bullies, make your bed, and never, never quit. Lessons that kids today desperately need. I might also add that some adults need them too.

I won this book from Goodreads and received no other compensation in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone.


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