The Rules of Love and Grammar

I loved this book. Grace Hamilton lost her job, her boyfriend, and her apartment (temporarily) at the same time. She goes home to Dorset. Connecticut to stay with her parents. During her stay in Dorset, she deals with her sister’s death, her best friend/almost boyfriend from high school, who is now a famous movie director – in town making a movie, her female best friend, and Mitch, the son of the bike shop owner.

I liked this book because I liked Grace. She’s flawed and goofy and smart and insecure. Grace is also a planner. She likes to know what’s going to happen before it happens. Her mother tells her, “Let life unfold, or you’ll miss the chance to be surprised.” Probably the once scene I loved the most was when Mitch and Grace go for a bike ride and they have a conversation about knowing to remember something because it’s special.

I liked this book because it wasn’t predictable and tells a good story. I could relate to Grace and her life and how she feels about it. Mary Simses wrote a really good book. A lot of people will probably call this “chick lit” and if they judge it based on that description, they are missing a really wonderful story.

I loved this book. I recommend it. I won this book from Goodreads and received no other compensation for this review. The opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone.


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