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Sometimes I Lie

Alice Feeny’s debut novel, Sometimes I Lie is a book I really wanted to like. And I really tried to like it. Ultimately, however, I gave up. I usually don’t review books I don’t finish, but I won this one and figured I owed a review.

The story is about Amber. She’s in a coma after an accident. Her husband, Paul, a writer, is suspected by the police of causing the accident. Her sister, Claire, may or may not be having an affair with her husband. Her former boyfriend, Edward, may or may not be a creepy stalker who caused Amber to be in a coma.

Honestly? Amber lies. A lot. You never really know what’s real and what’s not and I got tired of trying to figure it out. Like all suspense novels today, this one jumps in time a lot and sometimes it’s is quite annoying.

So. This book wasn’t for me. But if you liked Gone Girl and Girl On A Train, you might like this one.

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Little Fires Everywhere

If I am very lucky, once a year, I read a really great book. This year, I have read more than one. Little Fires Everywhere is one of the really good ones. I know that I will not do this book justice in this post, because, even now, a week after finishing it, I am finding it hard to put into words how good this book is.

The story is of Mia and Pearl Warren and the Richardson family. They meet in 1990s Shaker Heights, Ohio, a planned community where everything is supposed to be a certain way. Mia and Peal rent an apartment from the Warrens. Mia is a photographer who works odd jobs to make ends meet. Peal is in high school with the Warren’s four children, Trip, Izzy, Lexie, and Moody. Mrs. Richardson investigates Mia’s past and it is the domino that starts the others falling.

Celeste Ng is really a poet who works in prose. I savored every word in this book. Each word flows into the next and makes the entire story and book seamless. I read very few authors with the ability to make music from the page, but she does it effortlessly. The characters were written so richly and are so fully developed, they could have jumped off the page and into my life. Her ease of description puts pictures in your head better than any television show or movie does.

Okay, that may sound like a bit much. But this book is utterly amazing. Without providing any spoilers, I will say that if you like endings tied up in neat little bows, you will walk away a bit unsatisfied. But, if you want tread an amazing story and a well-written book, you will not go wrong with this one.

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