Our Little Secret

Angela moves with her parents to a small town- Cove, Vermont – where she starts high school and meets HP. He’s her neighbor. They become best friends. After graduation, they become more, but then Angela leaves for Oxford, where her father has called in favors and gained her admission. HP visits and meets, Saskia, an Australian, who steads HP out from under Angela. Angela is devastated and uses her mother, and her British friend, Freddy, to win HP back.

That is the basic plot of Our Little Secret. You learn this information from Angela, an unreliable narrator. She is being interrogated by a police detective investigating Saskia’s disappearance, as she reveals the story.

This book was okay. There were some things about it that I liked. There was more things about it that I disliked. Some of the characters are not developed. For instance, HP’s best friend, Ezra, kind of disappears from the story. He shows up again, drunk, but there is little to no explanation as to why he has taken the path he has. I kind of liked Ezra and was disappointed that he kind of vanished from the story like that.

Thriller-wise, I have read better ones. I have also read worse one. This book was okay.

I won this book and the opinions expressed herein are mined and mine alone. I received no compensation in exchange for this review.

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