A Measure Of Darkness

Last year, I won Crime Scene by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. It introduced me to Clay Edison, Coroner’s Investigator for Alameda County. I liked the book so much, I bought A Measure of Darkness when it came out. And it was a good investment.

This time around, Clay responds to the scene of shooting at a party in Oakland. There are several gunshot victims. There is also someone who was run over by a car, attempting to escape the chaos. Then the police find another victim in the backyard – not a shooting victim. This woman was strangled. Clay ends up with her case and the hit-and-run victim. At first, he is unable to identify the strangling victim. And the id he gets for the hit-and-run victim is complicated by the fact that she is actually a he.

Then there’s Clay’s personal life. Things are going really well with his girlfriend, Amy. His brother, Luke is just out of prison and Clay is having a hard time dealing with him. Luke shows up to Thanksgiving with a fiancé, who Clay isn’t all too fond of.

I really like Clay. He’s real. I like the way he’s written. I love that he is not a police officer. You get to see the case from a different perspective. Clay is dedicated to finding the truth and he works hard at it. He is earnest, but not annoyingly so. He’s got just the right amount of cynicism to balance it out.

I also enjoyed the story. It kept me guessing to the very end. It was well-constructed. And Alex Delaware made another cameo, which I enjoyed.

The only complaint I had about the book was that the ending felt rushed. I felt as though the dynamic between Clay and Luke could have been expanded upon a bit. But honestly, that’s a really minor complaint. Overall, I liked this book as much as I like Crime Scene. I will keep reading the Clay Edison books. They are really good.


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