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I have read all over the Scot Harvath books to this point. A couple have been okay. Some have been outstanding. Some have been bad. I know this one has gotten some great reviews from people I respect, but this book just didn’t do it for me. I think Brad Thor is getting a bit preachy about things and I don’t understand why thriller writers have to be high and mighty and political in their books. They would be much better without it. I also do not like the way, in this particular book and in most of the Harvath books, he is trying to seem “enlightened” about women’s rights, but still come off as caveman and misogynistic.

Harvath is tasked to go to Africa to check out a situation for CARE. He meets a group of British mercenaries on the ground and a doctor, who is female. And I’m just going to say right here that I HATED the doctor. I liked the fact that she demanded to be treated with respect because she’s a doctor, but really? Who cares if they look pretty in the jungle? Ugh. Only a man would write a woman like this. I also was offended by the way Thor made comments like, “Harvath was taught not to hit a woman…” He wanted to hit her because she would not bend her ethics and do something unethical. Thor makes it sound like she’s the one in the wrong for not being “morally flexible.” I found that offensive.

The plot revolves around an American Pro-Palestinian who sets a virulent virus on the loose, which is meant to wipe out half the world’s population, especially all of Israel, and allows a coup to be performed in America, which, of course, Harvath (and Harvath alone) can stop.

I found the plot to be a bit ridiculous, though, I guess somewhat feasible. I just didn’t like the preachy tone of the book and how Thor makes Harvath the put-upon hero who is irritated when others don’t see his point of view. I would have preferred more action to philosophizing. And while I’m on the critical bandwagon, I would also like to say that anyone who reads this particular genre is used to a certain amount of “salty” language. Anyone who knows me knows I swear worse that the worst sailor you know. So “Harvath was thinking of a word that started with “f” and rhymed with truck” is about the stupidest thing I have read in a adult book. Really? 6-year-olds are not reading this book. I think we can dispense with the cuteness. It’s not cute.

Maybe this book was bad timing for me. Sometimes, I have to be in the mood to read a certain book and maybe this book hit me at the wrong time. I may read it later and decide it wasn’t so bad. But for right now, I am not impressed. I hope the next one is better. I don’t like giving up on a series, but I will if I read another book like this one.

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