Trail of Echoes

Detective Elouise Norton is back. This time she and her partner, Colin Taggert, are investigating the death of a young, African-American teen. She is found in a park, holding her last baby tooth, and injected with bug repellent to keep the decomp bugs away. The case disturbs Lou, who is still recovering from finding her sister’s bones, her impending divorce, and the reappearance of her father, who walked out before Lou’s sister disappeared.

Without giving spoilers, I figured out who the murderer was pretty early on in the book, which is rather unusual for me. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride. I thought I was wrong a couple of times, and there were some good plot twists.

Once again, I can’t say enough good things about this series and about Rachel Howzell Hall. Her writing about Los Angeles reminds me so much of Michael Connelly and Raymond Chandler. She makes the city a character. Her description of the Jungle and Bonner Park and all of the people Lou comes across makes these books wildly entertaining and a joy to read.

I have ordered the fourth book in this series and cannot wait for it to arrive. This is a detective series I look forward to. I highly recommend this book.

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