Saving Meghan

Becky grew up with a mother who scammed the system. She faked illnesses to get disability checks. Clara used her daughters, Becky and Sabrina, to aid and abet her in doing so. Now, Becky is an adult. She has a teenage daughter, Meghan, and a husband, Carl. Meghan is sick. Or is she?

Meghan has mystery symptoms and no doctor has been able to diagnose her problem. They meet Dr. Fisher, who thinks Meghan has Mitochondritis, a disease with mysterious symptoms and that can only be diagnosed with a thigh muscle biopsy, which Meghan won’t do because of her extreme fear of needles. She gets sick and is referred to a Gastroenterology specialist, who believes that Meghan is suffering from nothing and Becky has Munchhausen by proxy and is making Meghan sick for attention. Carl believes the doctor.

Meghan is taken from Carl and Becky and put in the psych ward at White Hospital. Then, people start dying. The question becomes whether Becky can save Meghan.

DJ Palmer has written a thrill-ride of a book. I could not figure out who was behind all the shenanigans, if anyone. The plot was tightly wound and the book was well-written. I really liked it. If you enjoy mysteries and thrillers, you will definitely enjoy this book.

I won this book and received no compensation in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone.

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