Out Of The Dark

DSC_0863 (2)Out of the Dark is the latest Orphan X book and boy is it a thrill-ride. My two favorite thriller characters right now are Orphan X and the Grey Man. This book doesn’t disappoint.

Picking up where Hellbent left off, the Orphans are being assassinated. And the order to do so comes from the President. Evan decides to go after the President. To assassinate him. As Evan plans his mission of vengeance, his Nowhere Man phone rings. A mentally disabled man has been targeted by a drug lord because he refused to pass a customs inspection, leading to the seizure of a tons of cocaine. The drug lord kills the young man’s entire family, except his sister. Evan promises to protect him.

Along with planning an assassination of the President, getting the drug dealer to leave the boy alone, Evan has to navigate his relationship with Mia the single mother, district attorney and Peter, her young son. There are several times in the book where I was unsure how Evan was going to get out of a particular situation, but he managed to in a believable way.

One of the things that Orphan X and the Grey Man have in common is a vulnerability to everyday life. Neither of them are equipped mentally to deal with regular world situations and interpersonal relationships. One of the things that Gregg Hurwitz and Mark Greaney have in common is the ability to make Evan and Court uncomfortable in situations that you and I find completely normal. The thing about these two that is different is that they both acknowledge they have no idea how to handle normal life situations like dating and feelings. It is the thing that has completely endeared me both of them. They also write female characters well, which seems to be lacking in this particular genre.

The ting I love about the Orphan X books is not that they are tightly plotted and full of action, but they are exceptionally well-written. Gregg Hurwitz can write. “The ninety-kilometer drive from Milan to Lugano had been gorgeous, snow flurrying with postcard perfection, the sun bronzing Lake Lugano with a dreamy haze. He’d forgotten how clean Swiss air tasted, ice and whiteness finished with a hint of pine.” He shows. He doesn’t tell. There’s nothing I appreciate more than beautifully written prose in a thrill-ride of a book.

This book is entertaining and just plain good. Even if you don’t particularly like thrillers, this one will change your mind. The plot is exceptionally good. The writing is even better. I kind of want to see these books made into movies, but I am not sure that Hollywood could do these books justice.  I highly recommend this book. It is not only a fantastic thriller, but it’s well-written. Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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