Becoming by Michelle ObamaI’m sitting at my computer, trying to think about what I want to say about this book. I listened to the audio, which Michelle Obama narrates. I love her voice. She reads with excellent pacing. The only thing I thought was missing was emotion in some places. However, that being said, it was an excellent audio book.

The book starts with her childhood and continues to the beginning of the Trump administration. I found her perspective on things to be refreshing and interesting. I liked Michelle Obama before I listened to this book. But now, I love her. She’s smart, educated, independent, and thoughtful. Her writing style is familiar and friendly, yet somewhat reserved.

I especially appreciated her honesty about raising children in the glare of the public spotlight, issues with her husband’s idiosyncrasies, which we can all relate to, and the stamina and courage and thick-skin you need to do those things with such grace and dignity. I cannot even fathom how hard that must have been.

The chapters dealing with the Obama administration were my favorite, only because I was wondering what the Obamas thought about the media glare, politics, etc. of being in public life. I’m sad that Michelle Obama said at the end of the book she doesn’t ever want to run for office because I think she is the type of the person this country desperately needs in leadership.

I have not read books by other First Ladies, so I don’t have a frame of comparison for this book, but I really did enjoy this book.


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