The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi WaxmanNina Hill is my spirit person. She is single, thirty, has a cat named Phil, and works in a book store. Her mother is a photographer who is never home. Her nanny, Louise, raised her. Nina likes her life. It’s planned to the minute. She is in four book clubs and competes in pub trivia. Her life is perfect…

Then Nina gets a visit at work from a lawyer who says that her father (whom she has never met) died and she has inherited a family she didn’t know about, including brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. She also meets Tom, a competitor from pub trivia, who she denies liking, but everyone around her knows she does.

Nina has to navigate all of this craziness with her anxiety and a boss whose hiding from the landlord, a co-worker who pushes Nina to date Tom, and a brand new family who wants to be part of Nina’s life.

This is the third book of Abbi Waxman’s I have read and I have loved all three. This book is sweet and funny and sensitive. I love Nina. I love her cat, Phil, as anyone who owns cats can attest, Phil is the real deal. The book is a celebration of love, trivia, family, and books. I recommend this book to anyone who loves books, cats, complicated family stories, and awkward dating.

I won this book and did not receive any compensation in exchange for this review. The opinions contained in this review are mine and mine alone.

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