No photo description available.I decided to physically inventory my books. What, you may ask, in the world would make me want to do that? Simple. All my books (I think) are out of boxes and shelved. So now I can see them. So naturally, I had to count them and make a list.

The handwritten list is 53 full pages and another half page. But that’s isn’t enough. I decided to computerize it. So my husband taught me to use Access. This program is so cool. It’s going to take me a couple of weeks to type the list as I can only do it after work and on down time.

I thought it was important to count my books so I knew what I had. Also, if I can confess to you, I have bought duplicate books more times than I care to admit and I’m hoping that by doing this inventory I will have a better idea of what I won and will be able to avoid duplicates in the future. I doubt it will work, but it’s worth a shot. By rough count, I have about 2,000 books. The number was bigger than I thought, but not big enough. Well, it’s big enough for this house. It’s not big enough for me, though. One day, I will own a house with a dedicated library that has enough room for all my books. Until then, I will keep track of them.

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